i am always looking to discover and partner with sustainable + ethical + conscious brands that i can share with my readers. some of the most important values that govern the way i approach these partnerships are -

1) i only partner with sustainable + ethical + conscious brands who are willing to share insights on their entire supply chain. this enables my readers to make a more informed decision without having to invest too much time.

2) i am a firm believer in slow-living and extend it to how i blog. i only write about something once i’m sure. i also only write one or two posts in a month.

3) all my partnerships are “Quid pro quo.” this is because for me a successful partnership is one in which the reader, the blogger, and the brand all align with each other’s best interest. a non-monetary gain is essential to this arrangement in my opinion. it keeps things simple - brands send me their products, i research and use them extensively to ensure a good fit. if a good fit exists, i create strong visuals built around a powerful narrative that will resonate with my readers. win-win-win.