i am always looking to partner with sustainable + ethical brands. as a content creator, i love being able to work with brands with shared and intersecting values. here are some of the most important values and attributes that govern how i approach partnerships -

  1. complete transparency

    • i only partner with sustainable + ethical brands that are willing to share insights on their entire supply chain. this enables my readers to skip having to research/correspond to garner information on working conditions and manufacturing processes, because i've already done it.

  2. creative focus

    • i see a partnership between a brand and a blogger as a creative exchange and not a material exchange. i create powerful visuals built around a resonant narrative to build on or augment what you’ve created. i encourage the brands to use/repurpose the images i create for their marketing. it’s simple.

  3. gradual and sincere approach

    • i prefer working with brands that recognize the importance of adopting a gradual and sustained approach to reaching customers in the sustainable + ethical community through blogs. a single post about the product on its own is not very likely to make a huge impact on conscious consumers who are less likely to buy at impulse. what works in this space is a sincere, authentic, and sustained effort to establish organic touch-points on behalf of the brand in a way that feels natural. for instance - sharing a vegan footwear brand with a reader looking for vegan sneakers. or sharing my favorite item from a new collection of a brand i’ve partnered with in the past with my readers on social media. some of these conversations can even happen offline. for instance, sharing a sustainable + ethical homeware brand with a friend who is moving into a new house. i strongly believe that such a multiple touchpoint based gradual approach works better than a single post and affiliate links that offer discount.

    if you share this approach, please write to me to discuss how we can work with each other.