Summer 2018 10x10 Challenge

Summer 2018 10x10 Challenge

I ended up participating in the 10x10 challenge despite the fact that it had almost ended by the time I started. I participated despite the fact that the challenge didn't seem to have men taking part in it and was dominated by women. I participated despite having no clue how I would shoot the images. In other words, this challenge was as much about facing fears and getting out of my comfort zone as it was about working with a capsule wardrobe.  

Some of you might have read my post on Instagram in which I talk about self discovery and seclusion. For those of you that didn't, starting 1st of August, I decided to limit my social interactions to be only work related. The idea was to detach from society and people the most I could afford to, so that I could get answers to some questions that would enable me to be my most authentic self. I wanted to cut out the noise around me so that when I asked myself questions, the answers would not be muddled by the opinion of others and societal conditioning but rather be pure to to essence of who I am. 

Interestingly, the challenge started around the same time. And what I have also realized in these two weeks of solitude and participating in this challenge is that besides society and people around us, a major factor that influences how we think is fear. Many times we chose to do something or not do it because of fear. We do not let go of toxic relationships because we fear what life could be without them. We continue working a job that makes us miserable because we are too fearful of not having fiscal stability. To that extent, the 10x10 challenge has been a great way for me to practice overcoming fear. It has shown me the value of facing our fears. It has made me realise that there's magic waiting to happen, only if we are willing to put ourselves out there and I find myself driven to apply it in other areas of life. 

P.S - I thoroughly enjoyed doing the challenge. As you will see, I have repeated most pieces (I wore the beige shorts 4 times.) And, nothing about this feels wrong. To the contrary, I felt like I was finally doing justice to some of my favourites. I am totally sold on this concept and I think I would like to apply this approach to all the clothing I own (that will mean I will have to  dramatically minimize my wardrobe and I'm aiming for between 30-40 items.) More on that soon. 

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