Required Reading: April 18

Required Reading: April 18


Required Reading is a section on the blog through which I want to share the best articles I’ve discovered on the Internet. Articles that tell inspiring stories of great people, of unknown people, of seemingly ordinary occurrences that can have extra-ordinary repercussion in your life. Articles that will help you improve your life, to live it to the fullest, articles that bestow wisdom and change how you see the world. Basically, stuff that you should be required to read. 

Along with articles, I have decided to also include a book suggestion in each iteration. This month’s pick is a thriller by Kanae Minato called "Confessions." The book, which was the author's debut, is a fascinating read and is almost impossible to put down. It tells the story of a teacher and her daughter's murder, from her, and the perspective of various people involved. A captivating read on childhood and growing up and on how the way you are treated or not treated can shape your motives, leading you to do something drastic. A truly fascinating read on human psychology told from a thrilling narrative of a homicide and suicide.

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ootd: it may rain

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