Essentials: Chambord French Press by Bodum

Essentials is a new series on my blog that tries to tackle two problems of modern consumerism - 1) The tendency to mindlessly buy things that we don't need and 2) The tendency to end up buying something we need that isn't the best in the category in terms of it's aesthetic and functional value. 

Products (in the broader sense) that I will be sharing here, would have been purchased only after I've carefully identified the permanent value that they create in my life. Additionally, I will also study and pick the most aesthetically and functionally rich offering in said category. 

Over the past few years, a fresh cup of coffee has become one of the most integral part of my morning ritual (more on that on a future post.) Of all the ways to manually brew coffee, a French press is hands-down the best method (especially if you drink your coffee black.) I prefer the method for a few reasons - 1) It is simple and easy, all you need is some coffee (course grind) and hot water and 2) It offers the benefit of temperature control (which is important as the use of boiling water can often reduce the potency of coffee.)


I own French Press' by both Hario and Bodum, but I prefer "The Chambord" by Bodum. I found both the design and the build quality of the Bodum Press to be superior to that of the Hario. From a design perspective, I found the Chambord's minimal, classic, and seamless aesthetic far more pleasing. The quality of the materials used (which although are similar) seem to be better in the case of the Chambord, whether it is the grip, or the precision crafted stainless steel frame (which looks as new as the day I got it.) From a functional perspective, the Chambord is way easier to clean and definitely more durable. The Chambord comes in three sizes ranging from 0.5L to 1.5L. I personally prefer the 0.5L, since portability is important to me. The 0.5L makes two full cups and one full mug. 

A French press is an essential for anyone who loves a rich, smooth, flavorful coffee to kickstart their morning and the Bodum Chombard with it's classic and minimalist design and exceptional build quality is the obvious choice.