Introducing: Required Reading

Required Reading is a new section on the blog through which I want to share the best articles I’ve discovered on the Internet. Articles that tell inspiring stories of great people, of unknown people, of seemingly ordinary occurrences that can have extra-ordinary repercussion in your life. Articles that will help you improve your life, to live it to the fullest, articles that bestow wisdom and change how you see the world. Basically, stuff that you should be required to read.

This read on Harvey Weinstein and the economics of consent

Health tips from people who've lived for more than a 100 years

HBR tells you how to deal with an incompetent boss

Read about this absolutely inspiring man 

A story of slavery in Modern America by by Alex Tizon

This article asks whether it is still ethical to travel to Iceland

An interview with Chris Earl - A ceramist, furniture maker, chef, father, and husband